Metallic Products

Metallic horizontal ANSI, self-priming, vertical & cantilever, submersible, slurry, mag-drive and vertical turbine pumps for all industrial applications.

Component, cartridge and split cartridge mechanical seals with single spring, stationary multi-spring, and rotating bellows design.

Process Equipment Company represents Alfa Laval's line of gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchangers that provide efficient heat transfer in compact equipment with a small footprint.

Non-Metallic Products

Fiberglass piping systems for aggressive chemical & industrial and oil & gas applications.

Fiberglass horizontal ANSI, self-priming, vertical & cantilever, mag-drive and vertical turbine pumps for all chemical, industrial, municipal, and aquarium applications.

Plastic lined, steel and non-metallic braided hoses for corrosive applications.

Fiberglass construction ball, ball check, swing check and butterfly valves for corrosive applications.

Corrosion resistant fiberglass grating & structural shapes for corrosive environments.

Corrosion resistant fiberglass tanks & trenches for chemical containment.

Monitoring & Controls

Control systems providing real-time control and protection of pumps, process insight, and continuous predictive monitoring for all of your rotating equipment.

Service & Repair

In house, on-site service and repairs for pumps, motors and other rotating equipment.