Weir Roto-Jet RO-FT API 610 Pump

Weir Roto-Jet RO-FT API 610 Pump

Process Equipment Company is pleased to announce that Weir Specialty Pumps has developed and released the Weir Roto-Jet Model RO-FT API 610 pump for low flow and high pressure pump applications in the API industry.  This pump, which is a product extension of the existing Roto-Jet pump line, complies fully with API 610 and API 682 and is designed for greater reliability and reduced mean-time between failure compared with other OH6 pumps currently in the market.  Field data has shown that this pump has withstood process upset conditions that OH6 pumps typically have not.  Process Equipment Company, along with Lead Design and Senior Technical Specialist Mr. Tom Maceyka of Weir Specialty Pumps, is advertising meeting with refineries and engineering firms to discuss the API 610 pump and would like to extend an invitation to all to discuss the following:

  • Challenges and considerations for selecting pumps for low-flow high-head applications.
  • Weir Roto-Jet pump operating principals.
  • Weir Roto-Jet RO-FT pump that fully complies with API 610 and API 682.
  • Real operational data of the new RO-FT model pump.

Benefits of the Weir RO-FT:

  • API 610 11th Edition Compliant
  • Standard API 682 Cartridge Seals
  • No External Lube System Required
  • No Wear Rings or Close Running Clearances
  • Low NPSH3 without the use of an Inducer
  • Robust Design is Insensitive to Process Upsets
  • Pulsation-Free Flow over the Entire Head-Flow Curve
  • Integral Gearbox is Isolated from Process Seal Leakage
  • Reduced Life Cycle Cost by Optimizing Hydraulic Efficiency

About Tom Maceyka:

  • Senior Technical Specialist for Weir Specialty Pump Company
  • Worked for 30+ Years for Sundyne Corporation in many Engineering Capacities and Disciplines
  • 35+ Years' Experience in the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry
  • Past Task for Member for API 617 (Compressors) and API (Seals)
  • Currently a Task Force Member for API 610

Please download the Weir RO-FT API 610 Pump Product Brochure and for meeting appointments to discuss the Weir RO-FT pump, please contact your local Process Equipment Company representative from our contact us page.

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