Update: i-ALERT®2 Equipment Health Monitor


ITT PRO Services's i-ALERT®2 Equipment Health Monitor for rotating equipment has advanced features to aid in preventative maintenance of critical rotating equipment and well as utilizing new wireless technology to further enhance the users ability to collect data off of the equipment. Some of the advanced features include monitoring vibration, temperature and run-time hours 24/7, alarming if equipment is outside normal operating conditions, storing data once per hour and during alarms for 30 days, provides you the ability to diagnose machine faults with vibration tools Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and Time Wave Form Analysis, is IP67 rated for industrial environments and intrinsically safe with an average of a 3-year battery life, and syncs data with via Bluetooth smart enabled devices.

In August 2015, we posted information on ITT PRO Services's all new i-ALERT®2 Equipment Health Monitor which can be found here and will provide you with an overview of the new device and it's features. Since the launch, ITT PRO Services has had much success and recently released several How-To videos on using the i-ALERT®2 App for tablets and smart phones, all found below. View the videos below, download the i-ALERT®2 Product Brochure, and contact your local Process Equipment Company representative for more information.

i-ALERT®2 Monitor - Epoxy Mounting on Pump

i-ALERT®2 Monitor - Change Device Name

i-ALERT®2 Monitor - Run New Baseline

i-ALERT®2 Monitor - Set Alarms

i-ALERT®2 Monitor - Locate Service Locations

i-ALERT®2 Monitor - Request FFT

i-ALERT®2 Monitor - Access Previous FFTs

i-ALERT®2 Monitor - Report Generator

i-ALERT®2 Monitor - Export Trend Data


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