Sand and Gravel Processing using ITT Goulds Slurry Centrifugal Pumps

ITT Goulds Sand and Gravel

Sand and gravel is essential to any developed country in the world.  This raw material is abundantly found throughout the world in dried river beds, rivers, and shipping channels.  In the United States alone, all 50 states have sand and gravel production facilities producing over 900 million metric tons per year.  Their production facilities have two main markets: Construction and Industrial.  In construction, it is widely used in concrete for road construction, construction materials (piping, blocks, bricks), and roofing shingles.  Industrial applications include glass manufacturing, sand casting for foundries, and hydraulic fracking.  

Approximately 870 million metric tons of sand and gravel produced in the United States is used in the construction industry.  The majority of which is produced in the West and Midwest regions; however, all 50 states produce sand and gravel for construction purposes.  The majority of production facilities for construction sand and gravel are typically stationary plants with capacities of +1,000 tons per hour production rates.

A typical process starts with mining of the ore body via open-pit excavation or dredging in river and sea beds.  The raw product is transferred to the wash plant via dry (truck and shovel, conveyor) or wet (hydrotransport) processes.  The sand is processed through 3 to 4 wash separation cycles to classify the solids particles into the appropriate size range.  Each wash cycle is comprised of a rubber-lined slurry pump pumping to a cyclone separator.  The solids from the cyclone overflow are usable product whereas the underflow solids are sent for further processing through a vibrating screen separator, followed by another wash cycle.

Industrial sand and gravel operations produce 30 million metric tons per year, primarily for glass manufacturing (containers, plate glass, fiberglass, etc.).  The advent of hydraulic fracturing operations has increased the market demand for industrial sand.  Seventy-seven percent of all industrial sand is produced in the Midwest and South regions of the United States.  Industrial sand and gravel operations tend to be smaller operations, less than 500 tons per hour, but will have similar separating and classifying streams as the Construction sand and gravel operations.  The one major difference between the two operations is the use of a crusher (gyratory, jaw, impact).  Industrial sand applications require uniform size, shape, and distribution of the sand particles.

ITT Goulds Pumps manufactures two rubber lined pumps that are ideal for sand and gravel production, the Goulds SRL and XHD pumps.  These models match these services well from a hydraulic and wear performance perspective and the SRL’s ease of maintenance and low cost make it an ideal pump for the sand and gravel industry.  Each wash plant will use multiple rubber-lined slurry pump products ranging in size.  The amount of pumps and pump sizes is dependent on the production rate of the facility.  Natural rubber-lined pumps are best suited for the sand and gravel industry due to the maximum solids size being less than 1/4” and the sand particle shapes being spherical in nature.  In terms of the ANSI/HI Slurry Classification, the 2nd stage wash cycle is typically a Class 2/3 slurry service and the remaining wash cycles are Class 2 services.  

Goulds SRLGoulds XHD

SRL Design Features:

  • Field Replaceable Rubber Liners: bolt in for quicker replacement, extra thick for extended wear life.
  • Large Diameter Impeller: for lower operating speeds, longer wear life.
  • Five Discharge Positions: suitable for most discharge pipe arrangements.
  • Oil Lubricated Bearings: for maximum bearing life.
  • Sealing Flexibility: choice of packing arrangements or mechanical seals.

Download the product bulletin for the Goulds SRL and Goulds XHD for more information.  Also, download the complete Goulds Pump Selection Guide as ITT Goulds manufacturers several ANSI, large end suction, split case, submersible and vertical cantilever process pumps for sand and gravel ancillary pumps needed to deliver water to the process.  Sand and gravel facilities have filter presses and ITT Goulds has a heavy-duty, all-metal slurry pumps that can handle a high concentration of solids, +40% by weight.  Finally, ITT's PumpSmart variable speed pump controller can provide smart, protected control of the pumps, preventing premature wear during operation of the pumps by monitoring and controlling them from operating in upset conditions.  All of these products are available from Process Equipment Company and for more information, contact your local Sales Engineer.

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