ITT PRO Services PRX-OH2 Back Pull-Out Assembly Upgrade

PRO Services PRX-OH2 Back Pull-Out Upgrade

Process Equipment Company and ITT PRO Services is pleased to announce t he availability of the PRX-OH2, a back pull-out assembly which provides a complete replacement to an existing API 610 OH2 power end, while using the customer's existing casing, impeller and driver. The more robust design of the PRX-OH2 with stiffer shaft helps improve mean-time between repairs (MTBR) for the pump. In addition, its latest API 682 edition compliant mechanical seal chamber helps reduce emissions. Inventory of the common sizes of the PRX-OH2 are available in Houston, Texas, and help reduce lead time to four weeks.


The PRX-OH2 is a back pull-out assembly which provides a complete replacement to your existing equipment while keeping the existing impeller and casing. The replacement scope consists normally of bearing housing assembly, shaft, seal chamber cover with wear ring, throat bushing, keys and impeller nut. It is available in 4 API seal chamber sizes (#2/4/6/8) and 3 materials classes (S-6/C-6/A-8).

PRX-OH2 Heritage

The PRX-OH2 is developed from the long established Goulds Pumps 3700 model, a centerline-supported, flexibly coupled horizontal overhung (OH) high temperature and pressure process pump designed to meet or exceed latest API 610 edition. ITT Goulds Pumps has 40+ years of API experience. More than 17,000 OH units are installed worldwide for various applications in the Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas industries.

Benefits of Upgrading your OH2 Pumps with PRX-OH2

  • Increased Reliability
    • Robust design
    • Low shaft flexibility index (L3/D4) increasing stiffness and MTBR
    • Upgrade to latest edition API mechanical seals, reducing emissions
  • Minimal Site Disruption & Reduced installation costs
    • Pipework remains in same position
    • No driver movement in the majority of cases
    • Inventory for building PRX-OH2 held at PRO Shops ensuring quick turnaround for upgrade and minimal downtime
  • Reduction in Site Inventory & Lead Time
    • 4 frame sizes available maximizing flexibility and minimizing inventory

Before and After Upgrade

PRX-OHS Before and After Upgrade


Additional information can be found in the PRX-OH2 Back Pull-Out Assembly Upgrade Brochure and by Contacting your local Process Equipment Company Sales Engineer.

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