ITT Goulds 3196 Success Story

ITT Goulds 3196 Success Story

In the late 2000's, Process Equipment Company was successful in providing a major metal-mining operation with dozens of ITT Goulds 3196 ANSI process pumps for the facilities' many process plants. In order to select the right chemical process pump for the different services, the Lead Design Engineering Firm gave consideration to design features that provide long-term reliable performance and found the ITT Goulds 3196 to be worthy.

The 3196 process pump was designed with the following features:

  • Impeller: Designed for the Long-Term
    • Fully Open Impeller for Two-Times more Wear Area
    • Longer Life with Maintained High-Performance
    • Minimum Hydraulic Loads for Extended Seal and Bearing Life
  • Seal Chamber: Designed for Favorable Seal Environment
    • Proper Heat Dissipation
    • Proper Lubrication of Seal Faces
    • Better Circulation of Liquids To and From the Seal Faces
  • Power End: Designed for Optimum Bearing Life
    • i-Alert Condition Monitor to Continuously Measure Vibration and Temperature
    • Inpro VBXX-D Hybrid Bearing Isolators
    • Internal Sump Geometry Optimized for Longer Bearing Life
  • Baseplate: Designed for Ridgid Performance withstanding Plant Piping Forces

With many years of engineering and over one million installations world-wide, the ITT Goulds 3196 ANSI pump has a proven track-record in providing reliable performance with ease of maintenance. For more information about the ITT Goulds 3196 ANSI Process Pump, see the link below and contact your local Process Equipment Company representative.

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