i-Alert2's New Routes Feature Released


ITT PRO Services has released a NEW i-Alert2 feature called Routes.

What is the Routes feature?

Instead of creating reports one-by-one, this new feature will help you collect data across many pieces of equipment and then generate a single report at the end.  You select the equipment that you want to inspect and the app will help manage which devices you have gathered data on and which ones you still need to check.

How do I use the Routes feature?

How-to create a route:

  1. Selecting the Routes option on the menu.
  2. Click Add new route.
  3. Adjust your setting preferences (name, schedule, route type, report).
  4. Add your devices.
  5. Click Done.

How-to execute a route:

  1. Click on a route name to start the route. The app will start collecting data on devices and mark an i-ALERT2 unit if you need to do something.
  2. If you see a download icon, click it and wait for the download to complete. As devices are completed you will see them move to the “Checked devices” section.
  3. When you finish collecting the data, the app will automatically assemble a report and send it out to everyone listed in the route settings.

What is the difference between the route types?

  • Quick: Only captures overall measurements.
  • Agile: The app will selectively download data with a focus on units in alarm.  Trends are downloaded for units in Alarm/Warning, or units with greater than 60 days since last trend download.  FFTs are downloaded for units in Alarm.
  • Traditional: Trend and FFTs are downloaded every time the route is run.
Condition Normal Warning Alarm
Data Downloaded Overall Trend FFT/TWF Overall Trend FFT/TWF Overall Trend FFT/TWF
Quick X     X     X    
Agile X Every  60 Days   X X   X X X
Traditional X X X X X X X X X

We have created many "how-to" videos below to demonstrate the new Routes feature.  Please reivew our videos below and contact your local Process Equipment Company Sales Engineer if you have any further questions or would like a demonstration of the i-Alert2 device.

Routing Overview

Creating a Route

Editing a Route

Executing a Route

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