Fiberglass Products for Corrosion Resistant Systems

Fiberglass Products for Corrosion Resistant Systems

Process Equipment Company works across multiple industries, but those close to marine environments have been known to have one of the most difficult settings for industrial equipment. Controlling corrosion has always been and will remain one of the greatest concerns of marine related facilities. In the Navy, vessels and marine structures alike are regularly exposed to these extremely corrosive environments. Metals in particular are consistently harmed from the introduction of diverse marine life and different salinity levels. In the science and entertainment industry, aquatic marine life at science and biology centers and aquariums are the up-most importance and the introduction of corrosion into an environment can be harmful to the marine life's health.

Our non-corrosive, fiberglass product lines adhere well to many businesses involving oceanic surroundings. Fiberglass is one of the most cost effective and corrosion resistant materials available. Process Equipment Company offers fiberglass products which include pumps, piping, valves, grating and more. Some particular installations involve the military, ship-builders and aquariums across the state of California. Please follow link below to our non-metallic products and contact Process Equipment Company for additional information.

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